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    Mesothelioma Life Expectancy and Survival Statistics

    Mesothelioma Life Expectancy and Survival Statistics
    Mesothelioma is an aggressive type of lungs cancer occurs due to continues exposure to asbestos. Malignant mesothelioma is rare to detect in the initial stages majority of the asbestos patients find out their cancer cells at the late stages of stage III or IV.

    Early detection is substantial to increase the chances of survival to longer the span of time. But, to find out mesothelioma symptoms are difficult and with late prognosis, chances for long survival declines. This is the most common reason which causes massive death rate of mesothelioma patients as compared to any other type.

    Mesothelioma Staging and Life Expectancy

    Mesothelioma Stage 1

    Mesothelioma stage 1

    Stage 1 mesothelioma is most difficult to diagnose as its symptoms are ordinary in nature and seem similar to other diseases. At this phase cancer cells are limited to its origin and controllable.  It seems that Mesothelioma stage 1 patient estimated to lives for 21 months or so. But many individuals beat the odds and live for longer than this period.

    Mesothelioma Stage 2

    At stage 2 cancer cells not spread in the surrounded area but might touch some of the lymph nodes. Symptoms of stage 2 are also mild in nature such as coughing or sometimes a slight pain in the infected area. This is why stage 2- mesothelioma is still unfortunate with an average life expectancy of nearly 19 months. However, stage 2 mesothelioma has around 15 percent of survival rate which is quite better than overall conditions.

    Mesothelioma Stage 3

    The 5 years of survival rate, there is around 53 to 69 percent ration of survival, whereas the estimated life expectancy is about 16 months. At this phase, malignant mesothelioma cells blown and might spread to the other organs for instance to the other side of lung or heart.

    Mesothelioma Stage 4

    Stage 4 considers as the last stage of malignant mesothelioma and it could be fatal. Cancer cells grown up to its full extent, symptoms are severe and this is the only reason patient are prominently diagnosed in this phase of their disease. At this stage mesothelioma spread other than its origins such as chest wall, diaphragm, and heart lining. The average life expectancy of stage 4 mesothelioma patients is 12 months.

    All of these estimated life expectancies are based on the general ideas and broad spectrum evaluation of staging. But, there are many other factors which are vital to beat mesothelioma and live longer such as age, genetics, healthy habits and overall fitness.


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