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    Best Learner Driver Insurance Plan, Compare Insurance Quotes

    Best Learner Driver Insurance Plan

    In UK and USA mostly at the teenage boys and girls start learning driving so that at their 16th birthday they can drive their car safely. But the major safety tool for drivers and motorists is insurance plans. Most of the companies are providing the learner driver insurance plans at the cheap rates but by the name of households.

    If you are taking driving lessons at a driving school then your fee necessarily includes the cost of insurance charges as well. But you want to take some extra practices on your wheels you need to get insured. One of the solutions is to be the part of your parent's or guardian's insurance policy but now a day most of the motor insurance companies do not permit this. Secondly, adding another person to the policy probably a costly solution.

    The best way is to make a market analysis and then get the best suitable quotes for your car.

    •          Admiral

    For the cover of the first month, beholding purely at the quote, Admiral appeared to work out the cheapest, with a quote of $99.44. Two months was $161.65 and 90 days was $211.37. Admiral's insurance covers ranges from two hours to 3 months.

    •           Marmalade

    Marmalade's site was particularly easy to use, and it quoted $119.74 for a month, $210.73 for 2 months and $285.84 for 90 days. Marmalade offers flexible covers for 1, 2 or 3 months, but once that ends, the policyholder can renew for a further seven or 14 days.

    •          Aviva

    Aviva quoted $177.05 for one month, $294.20 for two months and $391.38 for three. Aviva offers cover lasting from one day to 150 days. The premium for 90 days is $110.87.

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