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    Best Learner Driver Insurance Company of your Dreams

    Best Learner Driver Insurance Company of your Dreams

    Learner driver insurance, you would need to be assisted by a full license holder aged 22 or over who has held their full license for four years or longer at all times and the cover finishes as soon as the hard part’s done and you have passed your test. When we are learning to drive it’s more important to get much experience behind the wheel as you possibly can. Driving lessons with an instructor are the best way to get plenty of hands-on experience but they can be costly and it’s often a case of two-per-week. Most of the people choose to be added to a family member’s policy to get some practice between official lessons.

    Veygo Learner Driver Insurance:

    The Best Insurance service for learner drivers is available from Veygo but the choice to add a learner driver to an existing policy same. So, which is the best for you and what’s the difference? Veygo allows drivers to get secured on friend’s car without affecting they are no claims bonus. Veygo is the latest brand by admiral whose mission is to provide the insurance for learner driver with no cars.

    Whether you have passed your test or you are learning to drive but don’t own a car, Veygo is available to help you to get behind the wheel whenever you want to. Veygo offers flexible driver insurance for learners that provides comprehensive coverage to you. You can cover from 2 hours to 25 days with learner driver insurance, so you only pay for what you need.

    What do you need to know about learner driver insurance?

    Learning to drive can be an expensive and stressful experience. The price of a car, tax, fuel, insurance, and tests can quickly add up.

     So, finding a way to check all boxes at best price which is a priority for many new drivers:
    1. The most professional driving school will include insurance in the price of their lesson, but if you can get practice with family members or a friend, it can really help speed up the process of learning to drive.
    2. Insurance companies base the premium they charge on how much of a risk they believe a person and the car they drive to be.
    3. The driving standard agency recommends 48 hours of training as well as 18 hours of practice for new drivers, before taking a test.
    4. If you are practicing in your own car or relatives or friend’s car, you are going to need a learner driver insurance policy. This policy can be one year, starting with your provisional license and updating when you pass your test.
    5. You will pay all different kinds of premium based on the level of cover you choose which can guide you about car insurance policy of all types.

    Drivers with no car:

    Most of the people like driving, but they don’t want to own a car. It could be because of cost issues; may be they live in a city and don’t need a car 99% of the time.

    Veygo offers you temporary car insurance for learner drivers which allows you to borrow a family member, colleague or friend’s car-on-demand from one hour up to 30 days. It can be affordable for most of the people and the car owner’s policy is entirely separate. So, if you need to claim, it will affect their no claims bonus.


    It is a testing time when your children are learning to drive a car. It is nerve-wracking, expensive and time-consuming. When your kids pass their driving test, you lean to swap one set of experience and time-consuming responsibilities for another. Veygo is available to lighten some of that load. Sometimes, the small thing can make all the differences.

     Veygo offers learner driver insurance and car sharing insurance. These insurance for driver learners is the plan to offer new learner drivers, who don’t have their car and also a chance to boost your driving experience in a priceless way.

    Short-term learner driver insurance from Veygo:

    Driver insurance you can buy short-term additional cover from 3 hours through 90 days. This actually means you can legally drive while you learn in a guardian, relative, parent or friend’s car without affecting their existing policy.

    There are some of the great features and benefits you will get with Veygo:
    1. No curfew – you can drive all day and night to make sure you get in practice you need before your test.
    2. Comprehensive learner driver insurance from Veygo provided by the admiral, voted by all consumers as the England Best car insurance provider four years running.
    3. Instant cover – Enter car registration, postcode of where it’s kept and your relationship to the owner get your quote.
    4. The car owner’s no claim bonus will not be affected if you need to make a claim.


    Veygo goal is to provide admiral learner driver insurance service with no cars. Whether you are learning to drive or you have passed the driving test but you don’t own a car. By using this car sharing insurance, you can easily earn one year’s no bonus claim for use with admiral policies by driving claim for 30+ days during one year period. So, we are here to help and guide you behind the wheel whenever you want to. Veygo are proud to be part of admiral group; this comprehensive learner driver insurance is provided by the admiral, voted best United Kingdom car insurance provider five years in a row by the personal finance award.

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