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    Asbestos Cancer and Mesothelioma Survival Rate & Statistics

    Asbestos Cancer and Mesothelioma Survival Rate
    Asbestos or Mesothelioma survival rate refers to the estimation that is made on the basis of mesothelioma prognosis to determine how much time the patient would survive after the diagnosis. This life expectancy is measured the average amount of time which varies person to person on the basis of multiple factors such as stage, age, type and others.
    Hence, many people have beaten the odds and live more than the expected year of life, due to advance treatment support and willpower.

    Survival Rate Factors

    The survival ratio of the Mesothelioma patient is determined by different factors that vary in each individual. These factors are the type of cells, the age of patient, race, gender, blood characteristics and overall health as well.

    Age of Patient

    Age carries a variety of concerns associated with health. At the younger age, individuals are more fit and can respond to the treatment in a more efficient manner than an older one. People who diagnose their mesothelioma at the young age are more likely live for longer but on the contrary side, people diagnose their lungs cancer in the older ages have rare chances of survival.
    For instance, if anyone diagnoses mesothelioma at the age of 50 or has 57.2 percent chance of survival whereas if one diagnosed at the age of 70 or more have only 25 to 28 percent rate of survival.


    Gender is also laying on the important factors that imply stress on the survival of mesothelioma patient. It seems as women have more chance of survival as compared to men. The reason behind this is women are likely to diagnose at early stages than men. In accordance with National Cancer Institute, women at the late stages have 16 percent rate of survival hence, men have only 9.3 percent only.


    The race also impacts on the survival ratio of Mesothelioma sufferers. In contrast to black race or African- Americans, white Americans are more likely to fall a prey to Mesothelioma. According to the fact sheet of the SEER, at the five years of survival rate, people who diagnose with Asbestos related lungs cancer, black race survived longer than white men.
    After the ten years of diagnosis, black men have the ration of 8.2 and whites have 4.4 percent of living ratio.

    Mesothelioma Staging

    Mesothelioma has four stages. Individual find out asbestos lungs cancer at initial stages as stage I or II, have higher chances of survival than those find out in later stages such as stage III or IV. Those who diagnose in early stages have nearly 87 percent ratio of survival and those discovered in later stages has only 29 percent survival rate, in the five years of survival.


    Certain genetics have also vital in order to enhance that mesothelioma survival rate such as mutation of BRCA1 and BAP1 are likely to raise the chances of survival.


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