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    Bitcoin mining software for Windows, IOS, and Linux

    Bitcoin mining software for Windows, IOS, and Linux

    Bitcoin mining is the process to verify transactions and add them to public ledgers. It involves the solving of complex mathematical riddles to accumulate bitcoin transactions. Bitcoin mining is one the best way to earn the profit and get them exchange with the real currency. For this, you can use bitcoin mining soft wares to help you out. These bitcoin miners are as important as you think of hard wares.

    So let's check out top 5-bit coin mining software for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

    1      BitCoin Network

    Bitcoin network is a group of nodes, operating a person to person payment networks with the help of cryptographic protocol. Users transact and accept bitcoin crypto currency, in mining, these transactions are posted to public ledgers and earn bitcoins in exchange. A bitcoin network contains about 7000 to 10,000 nodes at the same time.

    2       Lite Coin

    Lite coin is an open source approved under the MIT/X11 license. In contrast to bitcoin network it generates the same characteristics but in a faster way and in lower transaction fee than bitcoin.

    3        Ethereum

    It is another open source developed in C++, Rust, supports a modified version of consensus. It is based on distributed computed platform packed with smart key functionality. Its total supply generation till 2018 is about 9.2 million, recorded a 10 percent of newly generated supplies in total.


    Monero is also highly rated, an open source cryptocurrency platform that runs on Windows, Linux, Android and Mac operating system as well. It focuses on no centralization approach and secure payment gateways.

    5        ZCash

    Zcash intended to use cryptographic protocol packed with key security features and payment protection modes as compared to other bitcoin mining soft wares. It assures no centralized block chains and a total supply of 21 million units.

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