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    Short-term motor insurance is the solution to drive under the full coverage in a most cost-effective way. For instance, you have to go on a day trip or for a week and you own your friend's car in such a way short-term motor insurance is an ideal solution. Vehicle insurance on temporary basis varies in a broader range. Some motor insurance companies offer insurance for one hour to 28 days whereas, other offers one day, 7 days and 30 days packages as well. You can pick any solution as per your demand.

    When to take short-term motor insurance?

    These conditions must be fulfilled prior taking to short-term vehicle insurance
    ·         The car driver or owner is between 16 to 75 years of age.
    ·         Go on a short trip or drive for short period of time.
    ·         Trips vary from a day to 28 days
    ·         Driving a car of the relative or a friend
    ·         Taken the car on rental basis
    ·         Test driving a car

    ·         Moving houses

    What information is required for Short-term motor insurance?
    At the time you want to undertake the temporary car insurance you following details are required as per the company policies. These requirements may vary from place to place.
    ·         Basic details about the owner such as name, address, contact or e-mail address.
    ·         Driving license and previous driving events
    ·         Car's detail such as car model, regulated plates IDs etc.
    ·         The starting and ending time and dates as per your convenience.
    Types of Short-term motor insurance
    There are various types of temporary motor vehicle insurance to choose and pay only what suits your convenience and demand.

    Young Drivers: Those individuals who are more than the age of 16 and do not have their own car can take young drivers car insurance. This suits those students who use their parent's car for the going to their university or schools for a certain event like school farewell etc.

    Learners Driver: Car drivers who do not hold up car insurance but learning to drive a car can undertake learner driver temporary insurance policy. This one is not only a fine substitute for regular policy but way to cheaper than full insurance.

    Classic car insurance: This one option suits those who have more than one car. For instance, an individual holds sports car which is uninsured as he or she do not use it very often times, this way short term vehicle insurance help them out. Whenever the driver is about to take that car out can take an insurance policy on the temporary basis.

    One Day Insurance: On certain emergency events individuals can hire the fully comprehensive coverage services from the renowned insurers for one day.
    Short-term motor insurance policies are the best solutions on an emergency basis for the short span of time to get full compensation settlements for your damages on the off chance for the certain unpleasant occurrence.

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