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    Best Bitcoin cloud mining computing service providers 2018

    How to Cloud Mine Cryptocurrencies COMPLETE Guide

    Best Bitcoin cloud mining computing service providers 2018

    Bitcoin cloud mining is meant to earn bitcoins in the absence of bitcoin mining hardware, mining software, electric network, hosting issues and other concerns. It empowers the users to buy the output of bitcoins without undertaking bitcoin mining.

    If you do not want to build your own cryptocurrency hardware devices, then you can simply make an investment in bitcoin cloud mining companies.

    Top 5 cloud mining computing companies
    As there are so many bitcoin cloud mining scams, we have discovered some of the platforms that hold the proficiency in cloud mining. Bitcoin crypto currency cloud mining often refers to cloud hashing. But make sure to conduct an operative research because it is your money and you have to realize all the risk factors and rewards before making an investment under the banner of these platforms.

    1- Genesis Mining

    Genesis mining is a well-recognized crypto currency data center in Iceland. Genesis deals with all the crypto currencies which are readily available onsite. Individuals can take contracts in combination as well, such as 40 percent bitcoin and 60 percent lite coin. It holds multiple crypto currency cloud mining contracts at the reasonable prices.

    2- Hash Flare

    Hash flare deals in SHA- 256 and offers broad-ranging crypt coins such as lite coin and bitcoin. It receives $0.0035 for 10 GH per second from its customers. Hash flare also serves in Ethereum and Zcash. Currently, Hash flare is only operating in confirmed transactions for 12 months to avoid any misleads.

    3- Hashing 24

    Hashing 24 is also bitcoin cloud mining platform partner with reputable block chain Tech Company.  Hashing 24 practices technically advanced ASIC crypto currency miner for their efficient performance. Furthermore, it offers bitcoin mining contracts for 36 months and charges $0.00033 GH per second, a day.

    4- Hash Nest

    Hash nest is one of the largest producers of ultra-modern crypto mining hardware, ASIC. The platform backed with bit main and deals in PACMiC- Payout Accelerated Cloud Mining Contract. PACMic is a sort of electronic contract and it currently has around 600 Ant miners on the rental basis. Each of Ant miner is lent for the $1200. 

    5- Eobot

    Eobot is smart with technology feature to calculate daily profits. Eobot is a user-friendly platform but the problem is it does not work well with ad-blockers and forces to switch to other browsers. Additionally, it supports two-factor confirmations which mean the user has to go through his or her email to confirm code and then sign in to his or her cloud hashing.

    Eobot charges $0.00021 Gh per second in a day and allowed its customers to calculate their profit on the daily basis. Furthermore, Eobot offers crypto currency mining contracts for the period of a day or the span of 5 years.

    So, all of these were Best Bitcoin cloud mining computing service providers for the year 2018, we identified. Invest your money wisely. These entire platforms are for the purpose of making you acknowledge for the best services in order to keep you protected from scams. But make sure to go through every single bit of these sites before investing.

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