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    Accredited Online Doctoral Programs in Business 2018

    Doctorate in Business Administration

    Doctorate in Business Administration- DBA degree program allows you to get in depth insight of business, theoretical knowledge, critical reasoning and an opportunity to meet their career goals in any industrial area, to achieve greater productivity and earn higher profit. These online PhD in business administration and management enable the individuals after their post graduate to follow the ever-growing span of education.
    PhD programs in Business Administration are the finest examples of strategic alliances in the field of education to meet the market demands. There are numerous specialized programs that help you out in this way. Some of them are:
    1. ·         Doctorate of Business Administration Information Technology and Resources
    2. ·         Doctorate of Business Administration in Global Business and Leadership
    3. ·         PhD in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship
    4. ·         PhD in General Business Management
    5. ·         PhD in Business Administration
    6. ·         PhD in Management Sciences
    7. ·         PhD in Management

    There are also focused programs in a way to polish your skill in a targeted industrial area. Such as:
    1. ·         Information System Management
    2. ·         Global Supply Chain Management
    3. ·         Human Resource Management
    4. ·         Social Impact Management
    5. ·         Healthcare Administration
    6. ·         Organizational Leadership
    7. ·         Project Management
    8. ·         Homeland Security
    9. ·         Entrepreneurship
    10. ·         Self-Designed
    11. ·         Accounting
    12. ·         Marketing
    13. ·         Finance

    Doctorate in Business Administration is suitable for the current MBA holders, executives looking forward career goals and international student federation to excel in their relative course.
    Minimum Requirements for DBA

    ·         Students must maintain minimum GPA requirements
    ·         Complete approved dissertation
    ·         Meet all financial obligations
    ·         Complete DBS Course work

    Top 10 Accredited Institutions for Online DBA

    Choosing an accredited institution in order to accomplish a specialized degree program in Doctorate of Business Administration online is offering flexible learning techniques at the most affordable prices. Among these choose what suits you best and pursue your career goals through distance learning methods in these top ranked platforms.

    ·         University of South Florida- Muma Collage of Business

    Muma collage of business is a project by University of South Florida prepares the youth to face the challenges of and to take the leading positions and to accomplish their career goals. University of South Florida enables the young scholar to take charge of larger enterprises.

    University of South Florida is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges. It offers 70 percent of the course segments online which allows the mid- managers and executive to learn and grow without the consideration of geographical boundaries and scheduled hours.

    ·         California Southern University

    California Southern University is a fully accredited online university, facilitate its global scholars associated bachelors, masters, and doctoral programs in the field of business, management, healthcare, law and criminal justice as well. They have team of experts that concocts you for future. Offer you flexible working hours with in affordable costs ($23,700) with convenient payment gateways.

    ·         Walden University College of Management and Technology

    Walden University college of Management and Technology offers ACBSP accredited online PhD program in Business Administration. Each year Walden University receives more than 50,000 new comers in various options such as Healthcare, Entrepreneurship, management, information technology, social impact management and project management in tuition fee of 55,200.

    ·         Trident University

    Trident University offers a hundred% online diploma, assists college students in enhancing their writing and presentation abilities.  Learning on comprehensive mark, enables the future businessmen to develop leading enterprises. Students acquire masses of support from Trident’s mastering community (TLC) as they provide wide-ranging doctoral programs in business online. Among 5 concentrations: management, advertising and marketing, Accounting/Finance, management and Operations, and system information management. Each of these concentrations is notably comprehensive and ample to meet the current standards of enterprises.

    ·         Liberty University

    Liberty University is a non- profit research institution offers 4 years Doctorate in Business Administration programs to its global students. It possesses state of the art infrastructure and proficient technological tools to support its young scholars to maintain their aptitude and help them to purse their professional careers goals as a result of completion their doctoral programs online. Liberty University aims to provide quality education at the most affordable expenses.

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