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    Top 5 Exchanges to buy and sell Bitcoin Australia

    Top 5 Exchanges to buy and sell Bitcoin Australia

    Bitcoin is a type of Cryptocurrency, meaning that is decentralized worldwide digital currency. It is not controlled or regulated by the government, not even private entities such as Federal Reserved or banks. All these three entities cannot manipulate the value of Bitcoin Cryptocurrency and in many countries, bitcoin is banned to use.

    If you intend to invest in Bitcoin you have to go through Cryptocurrency exchanges that are operating in buying and selling of bitcoins. Exchanges are the channel through which you can buy or sell bitcoin if your regular exchanges are not operating in bitcoin Cryptocurrency.

    So let's check out the amazing online platforms which are meant to be the most secure exchanges to buy and sell bitcoin Australia.

    1- Coin Base

    Coin base is super simple to use and one the most popular exchanges out there. To invest in bitcoin Cryptocurrency all you need to do is log in to your account and claim the number of bitcoins you want to buy and that's all. Coin Base does not cost any extra charges except transaction fee, which is around 3.99 percent on each purchase and you get your bitcoins instantly.

    2- Coin Jar

    Coin jar is also a widespread online Australian platform to invest in bitcoin cryptocurrency. Its most attractive feature is its 1.0 percent transaction fee against each buys or sell, which is quite lower than Coin Base as well. It is an easy to use and reliable cryptocurrency exchange.

    3- Buy a Bitcoin

    Buy a bitcoin is another well-known Australian cryptocurrency exchange. This broker site helps you transact bitcoins against cash deposits for the cost of 4.9 percent for each transaction. It delivers the required amount of coins within 60 minutes.

    4- Independent Reserve

    Independent Reserve is a cryptocurrency investment platform for buying and selling of bitcoin cryptocurrency. You can support your financial account with EFT, SWIFT, or Crypto Capital. It provides incredible liquidity, the reasonable scope of installment strategies. It supports AUD, NZD, and USD.
    One of the great features is its low fee charges, which start from 0.5%, however, may fall as low as 0.1%, contingent upon exchanging volume.

    5- Coinmama

    Coinmama enables its clients in relatively every nation to purchase bitcoin with a credit or platinum card. They charge about 6.0 percent cost on each buy.
    On the off chance that purchasing under $150 worth of bitcoins, you won't have to confirm your character. This accommodation makes little buys speedy and simple.

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